A Message From the Author

“The Chemist is a compelling crime story . . . brilliantly hypnotic and creepy.”

-Jay Schillinger

I write mystery crime or suspense books. Tension, passion, evil and romance bring my stories to life. I attempt to flavor the plot with interesting characters, and multiple twists and turns.

There is always a romantic component, and the criminals possess some degree of intelligence. Understanding the motivation for why they commit their crimes makes the plot more real; and it helps create a better cat-and-mouse feel to the story. I like to think my stories hold an appeal to anyone mature enough to handle adult crime and passion.

I also write some dark children’s fantasies, along with a few heroic sports stories. I try to stay less formulaic, and above all else, less boring. My main goal is to keep readers of all ages and interests involved in the story.


Latest Release

After a three-year stint with the Packers, Tom Hearden caught the coaching bug. And with mentors like Curly Lambeau and Knute Rockne, why not? After learning the ropes in high school and college, he was named Lisle Blackbourn’s number one assistant with the Packers in 1954-55. When Blackbourn was fired after the 1957 season, Hearden was thought by many to be in line as the team’s next head coach.

Shoot For the Stars is a work of historical fiction. It captures not only the personalities of the men involved, but the ups and downs of the Packers during the era: from Curly Lambeau’s run of championships to the “Dark Years” following his ouster in 1949. The story further sheds light on the personal lives of Hearden and Lambeau, and of Crowley and Olejniczak, as these now-famous men move through the decades of evolving football history.



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