Janson Mancheski
Janson MancheskiJanson Mancheski is the author of three previous crime novels set in Green Bay, Wisconsin: The Chemist, Trail of Evil, and Mask of Bone, all featuring Green Bay homicide detective Cale Van Waring. Shoot For the Stars, his fourth novel, is a work of historical fiction that explores the Green Bay Packers from the team’s founding in 1919, to the hiring of Vince Lombardi. Janson has won multiple writing awards. His screenplay Nuck was a Writer’s Digest award winner in 2008. The Chemist won first place in the fiction category of the 2010 Sharp Write Book Awards. The screenplay version of Shoot For the Stars was a finalist in the Writer’s Digest 2012 Fiction Contest.

Janson is a University of Wisconsin–Green Bay graduate. He was awarded his Doctor of Optometry degree from Illinois College of Optometry, in Chicago. From 1990 – 2000 he functioned as team eye doctor for the Green Bay Packers. From 1985 – 2005 he worked with the UW-Green Bay Men and Women’s basketball teams in a similar capacity.

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Janson Mancheski
Shoot for the Stars
How cool is this if you’re a football fan? The year is 1920. Imagine Curly Lambeau (Packers’ founder/coach sitting with Jim Crowley (star running back) and Red Smith (cub sports reporter). Together they discuss a letter from Knute Rockne, as he offers Crowley a scholarship to Notre Dame.

Janson Mancheski

Janson Mancheski
The Chemist
“Human trafficking” is everywhere in the news these days. It summons images of impoverished young girls (and boys) from third world countries, abducted from their homes and sold for profit. But what if a trafficking ring began targeting healthy American victims?

Janson Mancheski

Janson Mancheski
Trail of Evil
Tobias Crenshaw, the serial kidnapper/rapist who goes by the name of “The Chemist” is now behind bars. Left in his wake of mayhem are a pair of missing victims. Green Bay homicide investigator, Lt. Cale Van Waring, decides he must do whatever it takes to uncover the whereabouts of the still-missing females.

Janson Mancheski

Janson Mancheski
Mask of Bone
Green Bay investigator Cale Van Waring wakes up in Anzio, Italy, having survived yet another attempt on his life. He doesn’t have time to worry about it, however, for the pair of missing victims he’s been searching for has been located. They are in the hands of a human trafficking ring, and a hasty rescue mission is in the works.

Janson Mancheski
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